Our Cultural Kitchen will take you on a journey across the globe, join our local community chefs as they share with you their traditional dishes, guest chef Shane Delia will pop in to share one of his favourite dishes and Richard Cornish is our guest MC who will bring all their food stories to life. Recipes will be available to take away.

Richard Cornish

MC - Richard Cornish

Richard Cornish is a Melbourne-based food writer, author and events host. He's well known in the food scene as an independent writer and commentator on food. He's been a commentator on Iron Chef Australia and contributor to various publications including the 'Good Food' section in Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


Nyonya vegetarian curry Malaysian style

Avalokiteshvara Yuan Tong Monastery (AYTM)

“I will be sharing with you, one of my family’s favourite dishes of all times – Nyonya vegetarian curry (Malaysian style). This aromatic dish is very appetising for a sumptuous family meal. It was passed down from my grandmother and holds significant memories for me and my children….. Yummy!” Nina Toh, AYTM

Cultural Kitchen (Errington Reserve Oval), 11.30am
Malaysian Cuisine


Fifi Noa

"My name is Fifi. My passion about cooking arose from regular assistance I provided to my mother when she would prepare meals for the family in my home country Cameroon. The satisfaction displayed by my family from the meals that were cooked encouraged my curiosity and passion to becoming a chef. During my high school years, I participated and won a few cooking competitions which later lead me to studying Commercial Cookery on the Gold coast, Queensland. Over the years, I've developed more skills in African cuisine in general and Cameroonian cuisine in particular. It will be a delight to be part of this project once again and I hope to demonstrate good skills and present an amazing dish from my childhood at the upcoming event." Fifi Noa

Cultural Kitchen (Errington Reserve Oval), 12.30pm
Cameroon Cuisine

23 316522 Shane Delia Cultural Kitchen Image1

Shane Delia

Shane Delia is an award winning chef, entrepreneur and director of the Delia Group. He was also the founder of lockdown sensation food delivery marketplace Providoor, as well as featuring in various TV appearances and his own food series. Shane’s restaurant portfolio includes flagship and Australian dining institution Maha.

Cultural Kitchen (Errington Reserve Oval), 1.30pm
Middle Eastern Cuisine


Di Tran Cultural Kitchen

Di Tran

"Why the dish I will demonstrate is important to me? The most special occasion of the day perhaps is the Family Dinner. This is when everyone gathers around enjoying not just only food but sharing their days stories, making connections. Food is one of the strongest elements that reflects culture and relatively easy to hold on to when people are living away from their homeland. Family Dinner does not have to be lavish, it just had to be viable, healthy and yummy enough to eat. The dishes that I will be cooking for the Cultural Kitchen will reflect just that.

I’m a mum who works like most of other people, I’m also have been passionate about cultural dance, music and cooking. We are very lucky to be living in such a cultural diverse community, it’s important to assimilate but not to disintegrate. Cultural differences makes our community richer, stronger if we know to honour it the right way." Di Tran

Cultural Kitchen (Errington Reserve Oval), 2.30pm
Vietnamese Cuisine


Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh immigrated to Australia from India 18 years ago and calls Brimbank home. Devoted to the community, Poonan's primary aim is to empower women. With unwavering determination, she drives connections through organising picnics, festivals and activity groups, and volunteering to help women in need. Her work has seen her awarded the Citizen of the Year this year by Brimbank City Council.

Cultural Kitchen (Errington Reserve Oval), 3.30pm
Indian Cuisine

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