Published on Thursday 15 February 2024

#BCreative Artist Q&A - Evie Cahir

Evie Cahir Portrait

We had a chat with artist Evie Cahir to talk about her most recent exhibition 'Market/Place', inspiration and what to expect from the exhibition.

Evie Cahir is a visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Through solo / group exhibitions, studio practise and international art residencies Evie’s work brings colour and light to the fore. It is with ethereal yet familiar scenes she evokes contemplation and connection.

Describe yourself in one sentence

‘How Goods This?!’

What is your chosen medium(s) and why?

Gouache, soft pastel and oil stick - for the versatility and potency of colour in each medium.

What can we expect from your residency and exhibition at Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery?

Bright and bold paintings of ‘New Landmarks’ around Sunshine, for example - a favourite corner shop, an underpass or a local personality.

What do you want people to take away from Market/Research?

A refreshed vision of Sunshine - where the details make up the larger picture.

What/who inspires you?

Colour field painters, my backyard studio, my parents and the season of Summer.

What is coming up next for you?

A solo exhibition at Ballarat Art Gallery in December, titled ‘Beneficial Rays’ - which will be an exploration of my time in Skopelos, Greece as an artist in residence there in mid 2023.


Instagram @_eviecahir_

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