Published on Thursday 18 June 2020

#BCreative Artist Q&A: Serah Nathan and Hayley Beveridge

Uncertain Times Stills

Meet the very talented (and funny) creators of the comedy web-series Uncertain Times. We had a chat with creators Serah Nathan and Hayley Beveridge about the series, inspiration in lockdown and more!

Describe your partnership in 1 sentence:

Serah: We’re mates who met five years ago on a shoot who use comedy to alleviate the absurdity of whatever world we’re living in right now.

Why did you choose to do a web-series?

Serah: Because it’s DIY, accessible and I’m too old for TikTok.

Hayley: A web-series is a great platform to develop character and reach a wide audience. Having the opportunity to write numerous episodes really gave us the opportunity to find our groove. I’ve become pretty attached to the characters too, I’m going to miss Hayley’s constant need for affection and approval from Serah (Real life Serah just gives away the goods).

What can audiences expect to take away from Uncertain Times?

Serah: A laugh. Maybe two. I’m of the personal belief that fear mongering has been the star of the coronavirus show and hope for a day where kindness and community aren’t monetised at a corporate level. This series is a kind of smart-arse ode to that.

Hayley: Some sound financial advice…

As an artist, what do you do to find inspiration during lockdown?

Serah: As an introvert, I’ve always been in some sort of self-imposed lockdown (; so my inspiration continues to be sourced from observation and curiosity.

Hayley: If I’m being honest it hasn’t been a complete walk in the park during lockdown. It was a real struggle to stay positive and motivated throughout a very strange time - and Hey! That’s completely okay too. I had to remind myself to not fixate on ‘being productive’ and allow myself to be going through the motions. That being said, I found comfort in having time to do things that would normally slip through the cracks, watching movies and shows that have been on my list forever. Reading, oh so much reading and even having a crack at some arts and crafts.

What's next for you?

Serah: I’m finishing up a short film I worked on with Hayley. It’s about the soullessness of working in an office.

Hayley: A few things are still up in the air pending restrictions. I was cast in a fantastic play just prior to the world melting down and I’m still holding out to see if it’ll go ahead this year. Serah and I are going to continue working on sketch and I also have a dark-comedy webseries that I’ve written and will be moving into production this year.

Watch the first 3 episodes here:

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