Published on Tuesday 25 May 2021

Huge opportunity for Projection Art

Projection Ash Coates

In a Brimbank first, Council is excited to announce an external gallery for projecting artworks has been created at the rear of the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre right here in Sunshine!

The first display is part of the Light up Sunshine project and will be showcased on the evening of Friday 21 May at Council’s Civic Green official opening festivities from 5-9pm.

The projection will feature an animated artwork entitled ‘Mycorrhizalit Comes In Waves’ by artist Ash Coates, and will be projected onto the rear wall of the Brimbank Council and Civic Centre at 301 Hampshire Road in Sunshine.

Ash makes artwork through his gallery practice, his work as a commercial mural artist and also in the form of animated works that are exhibited in film festivals and projection festivals all around the world. His works are generally an exploration of imagined landscapes of micro ecology.

The original spark that kicked off this exploration was when Ash developed an illness during an artist’s residency in Scotland. Over many months of recovery he became fascinated by the idea of the microbes that were swirling and moving around his body and that had caused such havoc. This fascination has grown into years of work, producing art of great imagination and life. Without knowing the reference to microbes his works are generally seen as an exploration of imagined landscapes.

Ash’s projection can be seen nightly for two months, and then another artist’s work will be displayed as part of the rotational gallery of projections.

If you are a local artist and would like the community to see your work please keep an eye out for our exhibition Expression of Interest (EOI) later in the year. This call out happens each August/September and is listed on the Creative Brimbank website at

Quotes attributable to Brimbank Mayor, Cr Ranka Rasic

This is an amazing coup for Brimbank! Projections like these are what you may expect to find in a large city, and here we are in Sunshine offering our community access to incredible free art forms to enjoy.

“These projections will be very visible to train travellers passing through Sunshine as they make their way in and out of the city.

“Brimbank is blessed with the amount of amazing public art installations available for all of our community to experience.

“I hope everyone will come along and be part of our Civic Green Opening on Friday 21 May, and to take a look at the projection while in the area.”

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