Published on Wednesday 25 November 2020

Resonate Artist Q&A - NIASHA

NIASHA Image by Detour Flicks

We're excited to have Zimbabwean-born artist NIASHA set to deliver a digital soulful session as part of the Resonate - Bowery Online Stage Series. Enjoy hip-hop and roots grooves from the singer-songwriter and poet, whose work delves into the topics of love, identity and living a fulfilled life. We caught up with NIASHA to chat about music, cultural connection and more!

Describe your music in one sentence:

A concoction of genres with soul in the lyrics.

What role does your cultural background play in your craft?

It informs the heart of my music and my understanding of how sound comes and can come together. I also enjoy it when I can sing or rap in my mother tongue Shona because it grounds me and reminds me of home (Zimbabwe) and how connected I still am to it even though I haven't been back in over 12 years.

If you could collaborate with another artist / singer / producer, who would it be and why?

There are so many! But one of them is Pharrell Williams as a producer. He is a shapeshifter in the production industry and has been able to stay relevant and I love that he can produce a hip-hop track, a Rihanna track and then produce music for an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Despicable Me series). I would like to learn a lot from him and how he works.

What would you want audiences to take away from your show?

I would love the audience to have a good time and reflect on the fact they are in charge of how they want to be, whether that's showing in the world as a Boss Queen or striving to become the best version of themselves and be Extraordinary.

Five artists you’re listening to right now:

Jayla Darden, Masego, Chronixx, Shekhinah, WSTRN

Resonate - Bowery Online Stage Series feat. NIASHA performance video premieres on Sunday 29 November, 3pm on Creative Brimbank's Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

Image by Detour Flicks

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