Published on Thursday 11 November 2021

Stéphanie Ghajar Q&A

02 ZAFFÉ Photo by Ayman Kaake

We are thrilled to present Lebanese-born Australian director and dramaturge Stéphanie Ghajar who's work looks into the human condition to explore the individual in deeply personal situations where the familiar motions of the everyday darken and veer towards the tragic.

During the lengthy lockdown we all powered through, Stéphanie shared some of the things that kept her motivated and on top of things during the challenging time spent indoors.

Attached to this post is a picture of Stéphanie (to the left) and Taj Aldeeb (to the right) who's also a part of the Zaffé ensemble, having a picnic/unintentional work catch up.

When we get out of lockdown what will be the first thing you do?

Once this lockdown's off, I want to have a dinner party. Intimate, dim-lit with wine-dipped conversations. Once we can get to regional Victoria, I want to get in a car and drive out to the middle of some beautiful, out-of-this-world natural site. I'm still debating whether it's a body of water or the forest, but I know the weather will be a major factor in deciding that. Maybe extend it into a mini expedition, diving into that land's history, who knows. I want to keep it spontaneous.

Who/What is inspiring you at the moment?

My routine. It has really come down to that. I break my routine for a few hours and I lose all motivation. The thing that springs me back to it is having calls with friends and colleagues where we start making plans and thinking of schedules for projects. It is then I find myself back on track and pushing forward.

What have you been binge watching?

After binge watching The Office (US), I found myself in a Ricky Gervais world, watching one show of his after another. I'm currently watching After Life with Extras lined up next.

What local shows/ workshops are you looking forward to attending after lockdown?

I was really looking forward to Hannah Gadsby's Body of Work but got a message a few days ago that it has been postponed to later in 2022. However, Bass Fam Creative's The Oracle will be finally happening at the start of next year and I'm really excited about it. I've worked with the company before and their shows pack a punch! They're a mix of circus, burlesque, and dance and watching their shows really knocks any lockdown vibes out of your system.

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