Published on Thursday 7 October 2021

Sunshine Street Band Q & A

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We are excited to touch base with Angela Casella from the Sunshine Street Band as she speaks to us about getting to know the Sunshine Street Band, when and where they rehearse, who can join the group and most importantly about some major performances and festivals they have been a part of.

The Band meets fortnightly at St Albans Community Centre (STACC) for two hours every second Tuesday from 7-9pm and they are open to players from all walks of life with all sorts of skill levels and ability.

Can you tell us a bit about the Sunshine Street Band?

We are a street band who plays fun inclusive music, from sambas to the blues to folk songs. We like to play outdoor, in the crowd at festivals, or in the park or other local community spaces.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever done together as a group?

Two that stick out for us are firstly, the National Tree Planting Day for Friends of Kororoit Creek each year, entertaining all the volunteers out in the sunshine, as they do plantings and eat lunch.

And being part of the Sunshine Silos Projection event. That was a great day, with a lot of the crowd joining in and playing with our trolley of random percussion instruments including two marimbas.

Why is the Sunshine Street Band important to you?

The band is important two me because we have made a free welcoming space where anyone can join in and explore live music. 'Free', as in doesn’t cost any money, but also 'free' as in a flexible space where we can try out any musical ideas.

When and where do you rehearse?

We usually rehearse Tuesday fortnightly at STACC from 7pm-9pm. We’ll be back at STACC as soon as COVID-19 restrictions permit. We also do ad hoc sessions on weekends when the weather forecast is looking good. As soon as they allow outdoor performances we will most likely meet at RT Pollard gardens in the rotunda for a session.

Who can join and how can new people get involved?

Anyone can join in.

We have had young teenagers join in regular music sessions, and some older folk too. So far the age of our members has ranged from 13yrs to 80yrs. We aren’t able to provide childcare though, unfortunately. To get involved, just call me (Angela) on 0432 500 145 or Peter 0413 623 683. If you have an instrument, bring it along. If not we have percussion instruments available for use. Plus, voice is also welcome. No experience necessary. All you need is the desire to be involved in making fun music. We provide sheet music for songs if people can read music and want to use it, and we also have members who play be ear. Everyone has their own skills and qualities that they bring along. If someone wants to learn a particular instrument they have, we provide an opportunity to practice playing and performing in a group.

How much are you looking forward to getting together to play music again?

Enormously! We are looking forward so much to be able to play face to face, and in the community again.

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