A creative celebration of bold Brimbank locals

The Bold Stories, Bold Lives project aims to creatively capture 20 Brimbank locals who have lived bold lives or experienced situations or circumstances in life that have required them to be bold. Participants will be represented in digital and mixed media portraits, and each will have an accompanying written story. Portraits and stories will be displayed in an exhibition at Bowery Gallery, St Albans Community Centre, as part of the Be BOLD Festival on October 8, 2022.

Got a BOLD story to tell?

Standing up and fighting for what’s right. Getting up and facing the day when you’re in deep grief. Reaching out to someone in need. Leaving an abusive relationship. Coming out to your family and friends. Fleeing your country for a better, safer, life. Quitting your job to start your dream business. Stepping on stage to perform for the first time. Wearing hot pink sequins when the rest of the room’s in black … there are so many definitions of boldness. What’s yours?

Bold Stories, Bold Lives - Submission Form

Share your story for your chance to participate in Brimbank's Bold Stories, Bold Lives Project and have your story and portrait featured in an exhibition at Bowery Gallery as part of the 2022 Be BOLD Festival.
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Please note: This is a community storytelling project, not a platform to promote a business or political message, so please tell your story from a personal perspective. Entries of a promotional or political nature will not be eligible.

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