We are proud to present the 2022-23 Be Bold Residency artists:

  • Julie Ann MinaaiDancer / Choreographer / Performer
  • TUIA Collective / Key artists: Nicole Kingi, Tai Waru, Samantha Tawha, Tina Waru
  • Gabriela Georges Writer / Performer / Co-Director
  • Efren Pamilacan – Dancer / Choreographer

The Be Bold Residency program enables artists and arts organisations to make and present work with and for the Brimbank community. Discover new and innovative projects in theatre, dance and community cultural development.

As part of the residency program, the selected artists will have a safe presentation space to take risks and shape new works. They will be provided with financial, professional and creative development and in kind support.


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Julie Ann Minaai

Dancer / Choreographer / Performer

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Julie Ann Minaai is an international dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and teacher. She completed her MA in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School. She is currently a contemporary dance specialist at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), University of Melbourne and teaches at Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc and hosts workshops. Julie has toured internationally including UK, US, Norway, Israel, China, just to name a few.

We are excited to present a groundbreaking new duet between ‘Be Bold’ Artist Julie Ann Minaai and award-winning Japanese musician Noriko Tadano. It combines contemporary dance choreography with a live performance of the shamisen - a traditional Japanese instrument. The performance of Okage Sama De was held on 20 May 2023.

Image by Natalia Coccalon

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Collective / Key artists: Nicole Kingi, Tai Waru, Samantha Tawha, Tina Waru

TUIA Te Here Tangata (TUIA), is a contemporary Maori performing arts not for profit organisation based in West Melbourne. Their mission is to “Empower to Educate and Educate to Empower” through contemporary performing arts. They use Maori language, theatre, dance and song and movement to help portray the lessons, histories, traditions, cultural values and beliefs that would normally be taught by their tribal elders, families and community.

We’re thrilled to be presenting their upcoming work Raupatu Whenua: ‘A Story of Survival, Resilience and Determination. The performance will be on Sunday 10 September 2023. Check back in for more details.

Image by Paula “Taniwha” Barbee

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Gabriela Georges

Writer / Performer / Co-Director

Gabriela Georges is a Melbourne-based musician, spoken word poet, and workshop facilitator who often explores love, loss, grief and nature. Descendent of the Aramean people indigenous to Syria, she creates to heal and connect to her ancestors, to herself, and to others. In late 2020, Gabriela founded The Grief Cocoon to deliver innovative creative workshops, events, and resources in collaboration with other artists.

As part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022, the Bowery Theatre presented Gabriela’s sold out show Rise & Fall that delved into the experience of losing her mum. The show offered a personal meditation on how grief and relationships evolve past loss, using poetry, music, and her beloved mum’s belongings.

Image by Joel McKerrow

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Efren Pamilacan

Dancer / Choreographer

Efren Pamilacan is a dance maker and his work crosses between Hip Hop culture and underground dance forms. He also empowers street dancing with mixing traditional ‘battle’ dancing.

A collaborative project towards a new work between dance maker Efren and sound artist Pataphysics is happening in August titled Negentropic. Efren and Pat will explore theatre immersion through light, sound and physical material.

Artist website

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