Applications open now and closes Monday 7 June 2021, 5pm

Cash and space for ‘BOLD’ new work, with and for the artists and communities of Brimbank.

We invite artists and arts organisations to submit an application for the 2021 Be Bold Residency.

The Be Bold Residency provides a professional development, creative development and presentation space for artists and arts organisations to make and present new work with and for the local community.

The Be Bold Residency Program supports:

  • Process-driven arts practice and risk taking in making new, contemporary performance work with potential for future presentations;
  • Artistic and career development for artists and arts organisations;
  • Increased community reach and engagement;
  • Development of new, local audiences;
  • Work that is reflective of the cultural identity of Brimbank; and
  • Artistic merit in the presentation of new work that positions the Bowery as a place that nurtures bold ideas and shares them with the community.

Residency Categories

There are two residency categories based on the applicant’s stage of career development and project proposal.

1. Be Bold Creative Residencies for Mid-Career or Established Artists or Arts Organisations

2. Be Bold Creative Residencies for Emerging Artists or Arts Organisations usually considered within the first five years of their arts practice or establishment).

What’s on offer?


For the mid-career or established artists of arts organisations category, up to $5,000 cash contribution will be awarded per residency.

For the emerging artist or arts organisation category, up to $3,000 cash contribution will be awarded per residency. This is to cover artist fees, trainer/mentor fees, production costs, marketing and administration costs (no more than 10% of the cash contribution).

Other Support:

In addition, the following support will be available to successful applicants, with agreement of the Bowery Executive Producer:

  • Co-presentation of the residency’s performance outcome
  • 50/50 box office split on ticketed presentations
  • Up to $4,500 in kind technical and front of house staff support
  • 1 Full day access to the Bowery for performance plus up to four additional rehearsal days in the Bowery leading up to the performance
  • Up to 80 hours in community spaces (for example 1 x 4 hour session per week for 20 weeks) based on availability
  • Bowery staff / producer / marketing support
  • Print and online marketing commensurate with Bowery mainstage programming
  • Box office setup

Key Dates:

Applications open: 12 April 2021

Applications close: By 5pm on Monday 7 June 2021

Decisions announced: July 2021

Agreements finalised: September 2021

Residency activity: Between 1 October 2021 and 31 May 2022

Acquittal Due: 14 June 2022

Who is eligible to apply?

To apply for funding you must:

  • Be incorporated OR be an individual artist with an ABN OR have an Auspice
  • Have Public Liability Insurance cover for the duration of the project
  • Have acquitted or be compliant with all grants previously awarded by Council
  • Have a new project or new stage of a project
  • Have a performance-based project with a performance outcome in The Bowery Theatre
  • Have a project that commences after 1 October 2021 and 31 May 2022

What is the timing for the residency?

All residencies will be undertaken between 1 October 2021 and 31 May 2022. You should check availability of spaces prior to applying if your project is heavily dependent on a particular date. Community spaces are heavily booked. It is recommended that you plan your workshops / rehearsals / development / performance time in these spaces in consultation with the Theatre Programming Senior Officer or Community & Creative Partnerships Officer.

What role can the Brimbank community play?

A key part of the Be Bold Residencies is working with the Brimbank community and applications are assessed on the strength of this.

Applicants should state that they are either from Brimbank, or have demonstrated partnerships with communities/organisations within Brimbank.

Partnering means the community is central to the project, it is not a fee for service structure, and as a result there will be a collaboration between artists and community. The relationship with the selected community group / organisation should be based on trust, reciprocity and principles of community strengthening.

Examples of what community engagement may look like:

  • Brimbank community members are the key artists in the application, or adopt creative roles in the new work such as performer, designer, dancer, musician etc.
  • Brimbank community members contribute content to the work
  • Brimbank community members are invited in to the process to provide feedback
  • Brimbank community members are engaged in activities facilitated by the artists throughout the process, such as workshops, which inform the work

How do I apply?

To apply, you must complete the Be Bold Residency Application Form on SmartyGrants.

As a part of the application form, you can attach:

1. Artistic Support material

2. Letter of support relating to your arts practice or community partnerships (this is essential if you intend to work with CLAD communities, people with disabilities, youth, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities)

3. Residency Budget

You will need an email account to apply online. Please ensure you receive a confirmation of your online application via an automatic email from SmartyGrants. It is advised to type out your answers first, then copy and paste into SmartyGrants. Do not leave your application idle for more than 60 minutes, as you will lose unsaved data. Always press ‘save’ as you go.

How will the applications be assessed?

Applications will be assessed by an arts practitioner assessment panel comprised of staff from the Arts and Culture team, and at least one arts industry panel member.

If required, an interview process may be built into the assessment before finalising the residents. The arts industry panel member/s will be involved in the process and will be appointed by Council. All decisions made by the panel are final.

The panel will consider the following assessment criteria:

1. Artistic Merit (40% weighting):

The panel will assess the potential of the artists / arts organisation at the centre of the proposal. Considerations include:

  • artistic vision and program of activities
  • expression of bold, contemporary concepts
  • innovation and rigor in their approach to performance-based artistic form
  • artistic skills of the key people involved

2. Viability (30% weighting):

The panel will assess the viability of your proposal. Considerations include:

  • the skills of the people involved and their relevance to the proposed activity
  • demonstrated cultural competencies involved with working with the identified community
  • the role of any community partners involved, including confirmation of their involvement
  • realistic and achievable planning, resource use and evaluation
  • fees payable to artists involved
  • the timetable and budget
  • capacity to deliver future presentations of the work

3. Impact on the artist, organisation and community (30% weighting):

The panel will assess the impact the proposed activity will have on artist, organisation and community. Considerations include:

  • how the proposed activity strengthens the artist / arts organisation’s artistic practice
  • the relevance and timeliness of the proposed activity
  • how the proposed activity enables the applicant to engage community and audiences

Budget Guidelines

Applicants are required to provide a detailed budget for their project. An example budget is imbedded within the application form and can be used as guidance in completing your application budget.

Your project INCOME may comprise of the following:

1. Be Bold Cash Contribution: The amount provided as a cash contribution is either up to $5,000 for Mid-Career or Established Artists or up to $3,000 for Emerging Artists;

2. Be Bold Residency In-kind Support for venue hire, front of house and technical staff, and box office is up to $4,500;

3. Your organisational cash contributions – these include the funds raised by your organisation via fundraising, members’ fee, donations or sponsorships;

4. Other funding – please specify details of other funding, if any, including names of funding agencies and the amount funded for this Project/Event;

5. Ticket sales – all residency performances are to be held at The Bowery Theatre and will be ticketed using the house ticketing system, whereby a 50/50 box office split will be the arrangement;

6. In-kind Contributions: These are non-monetary supports and services that come from your group, volunteers and your partner organisations that would otherwise have to be paid for. These include labour, catering or transport.

Your project EXPENDITURE may include:

1. Budget items that you will cover with your Be Bold Residency cash contribution, eg. Artist/s fees, marketing costs, sets, costumes and props;

2. Budget items that you intend to cover with the Be Bold residency’s in-kind contribution, eg. $4,500 for venue hire, technical and front of house, and box office set up;

3. Budget items that will be covered by your organisational cash contribution, or other funding and ticket sales;

4. Budget items that are provided in-kind (by volunteers or project partners). See above for calculations.

Please note
: If you require additional time in the theatre and/or additional staffing, please contact us to discuss costs. These additional costs can be included as expenditure in your budget.

What will not be funded?

  • Applications from commercial entities
  • Incomplete applications
  • Project expenditures that relate to projects that have already been delivered
  • Interstate or overseas travel costs
  • More than 10% of the cash contribution, for administration
  • On-going operational, capital works or facilities maintenance costs
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Ineligible applications

Requirements and Reporting

  • Successful applicants need to sign an Agreement with Council. This must be returned to Council by the due date. Please note if Council has not received the signed residency agreement by the due date, the grant will be forfeited and offered to another project.
  • Payment Schedule for cash contributions: 70% upon signing of agreement and 30% on completion of the residency. Residency artist / organisations to provide tax invoice for payment.
  • Any change to a successful project must be discussed with the Executive Producer and confirmed in writing.
  • At the end of the residency an acquittal report must be provided.

What support is available?

For advice, questions and/or guidance for applicants, please contact:

Siena Balakrishnan
Theatre Programming Senior Officer
Ph. +61 3 9249 4609

Council officers will support applicants to develop their project concept in line with the guidelines, plan around venue availability, and identify additional or alternative funding sources.

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