Midsumma Guest Artist Bios

We present the 2022 Midsumma Guest Artists:

  • Valerie Hex – Performer, MC, Choreographer, Producer, and the founder of internationally acclaimed drag cabaret YUMMY
  • Bettie Rosé - Drag Queen and Costumier
  • Randy Roy - A drag king and performer
  • Simple - Melbourne's troll qween
  • Cerulean - Miss First Nation 2021



Valerie Hex

One of the busiest drag artists in the biz, Valerie Hex is a performer, MC, choreographer, producer, and the founder of internationally acclaimed drag cabaret YUMMY.

With a career spanning contemporary dance, cabaret, clubland, and international festivals, Valerie Hex has left an indelible mark on international performing arts.

Moving from dance into cabaret, Val has toured as a performer with Taylor Mac, Finucane and Smith, Briefs Factory, and many more.

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Bettie Rose 2

Bettie Rosé

Bettie Rosé is a Naarm based Drag Queen and Costumier with a body that puts an hourglass to shame. Starting drag in 2019 Bettie’s drag focuses on the glamour of old Hollywood while referencing the work of current high fashion and independent designers. As a plus size person, a focus on body became incredibly important as they aimed to show that anyone can look phenomenal regardless of their size. With the launch of their business Bettie Rosé Designs in July 2020, Bettie has dressed some of Melbourne, and Australia’s, finest performers, with a focus on 1 off custom pieces that make sure any performer can feel like a star.

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Randy Promo 1

Randy Roy

Randy Roy is a dainty little drag king, on a quest to define masculinity for himself through the power of glitter, sequins, and the kind of dance moves you'd see from a middle aged dad at the barbecue. Randy has been doing the rounds of Melbourne drag circuit for four years now, the highlights of which include his "Randy Roy Ruins" nights, and "Highway to the Twilight Zone," shows that play with the intersection between popular culture and queerness. Drag for Randy is joy, expression, and freedom.

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Simple jpeg edited


Simple is Melbourne's one true troll qween, as seen on [redacted]. They're the qween of the people persons; the hero drag deserves, but not the one it needs right now. She’ll cut a rug. They’ll beat a mug. Whatever it does, they’ll be sure to #keepitSIMPLEstupid

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Unnamed Cerulean jpeg edited 2


Cerulean is the current reigning Miss First Nation 2021. She is an expressive blue gem who descended from the Pisces constellation to bless mere mortals with a raining cloud of excitement, energy and fun! Her body morphs into an ensemble of contrasting forms, exploring performance through concepts.

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