A residency program that offers the dance studio at STACC at no charge for individual artists and small collectives for training, rehearsal, and/or experimentation. This opportunity suits dancers, choreographers, physical theatre artists, and other body/movement based artists, and there’s no expectation to create a new work – just move!

Key dates:

Applications open: 1 August 2022

Application Due Date: 1 September 2022

Successful residencies can commence: from 19 September 2022

Residencies End: By December 2023

What’s on offer?

Up to four residencies will be awarded.

The Room to Move residency offers:

⦿ One 4 hour booking per week in the dance studio at no charge
⦿ $500 towards project costs
⦿ Promotion of the artist / collective through council communication channels
⦿ Potential opportunities to participate in STACC / Bowery events
⦿ Potential support with connecting with other groups/organisations/funding bodies/presenters

The Room To Move Residency encourages:

⦿ Opportunities to undertake process-driven arts practice and risk taking in making new, contemporary performance works/processes/ensembles;

⦿ Artistic and career development opportunities for artists;

⦿ Opportunities to increase community reach and engagement;

⦿ The development of work/arts practice that is reflective of the cultural diversity of Brimbank

⦿ Artistic merit in the presentation/development of new work/processes that positions the Bowery and STACC as a place that nurtures artists and bold ideas.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Room to Move residency is for local emerging / early career independent artists. To apply for funding you must:

⦿ Be an individual or small group practicing dance, choreography, creative/expressive movement, or dance theatre.
⦿ Have at least one member of the group over 18 years of age who is responsible for the group and will be present at every booking
⦿ Have Public Liability Insurance cover for the duration of the project

The program gives priority to applications from local artists and arts organisations from the Brimbank municipality.

How do I apply?

To apply, you must complete the Room to Move Application Form (see Apply Now button above).
If you need assistance with an online application please contact:

Please contact us about this residency using:
E: STACC@brimbank.vic.gov.au
P: 03 9249 4600

If you would prefer to arrange a meeting to discuss the questions, instead of writing responses, please get in touch.

There are 3 key questions to answer:

Q1 Please tell us who you are what you’re proud of!

List any positive feedback, grants, awards or recognition you’ve received. Or, tell us what you’re good at, what’s different about you, and/or what is it about your arts practice you are proud of. If you are a group, please list the names and ages of all members, note any outstanding achievements of group members, and tell us about your history of working together.

Q2 Please describe what you do!

Describe your arts practice and any styles / forms / ideas / processes you’re interested in. What’s your vision?

Q3 Describe what you plan to do in the dance studio at STACC and what impact it will have on you and/or the community!

Describe what you plan to do, how this will develop your arts practice and why it’s important now. Tell us about how you will share what you’ve been doing with the general public through at least one workshop / open rehearsal / artist talk / showcase.

How will the applications be assessed?

Applications will be assessed by members of Brimbank City Council’s the Arts & Culture unit.

The following assessment criteria will be considered:

Artistic Merit – 40%:

artistic vision
2. expression of bold, contemporary ideas
3. artistic skills and ability of the key people involved

Impact – 40%:

1. potential of the activity to stimulate creativity and increase practice capability
2. relevance and timeliness of the proposed activity

Viability – 20%

1. skills of the people involved and their relevance to the proposed activity
2. realistic and achievable planning, program of activities, resource use

Budget guidelines

Brimbank City Council will pay:

⦿ $500 per residency for project costs (for example, Public Liability Insurance, materials etc.)
⦿ Security costs
⦿ The applicant is responsible for any other costs associated with the activity.

What will not be accepted?

⦿ Applications from commercial entities

⦿ Incomplete applications

⦿ Activity better suited to an alternative space

⦿ Groups with over 12 members

Requirements and reporting

⦿ Successful applicants need to agree to and sign the STACC conditions of use and complete an induction.

⦿ Provide a tax invoice or statement from supplier for payment of $500. This will be paid in two instalments: $250 at the commencement of the residency and $250 mid-way through the residency.

⦿ Successful applicants must provide a certificate of currency for their PLI insurance

⦿ At the end of the residency, a brief report of the activity undertaken must be provided

What support is available?

Council officers can support applicants to:

⦿ develop their application in line with the guidelines

⦿ plan around venue availability

⦿ identify additional funding sources


E: STACC@brimbank.vic.gov.au
P: 03 9249 4600

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