Questions about Art / Theatre / You - Examples - Singing, dancing, rap/MC, Visual Art, Backstage theatre, acting, poetry, weaving, pottery, writing, making film, photography, lighting, sound, graphic design, producing, costume, lighting, props etc
Where / When / How
Sessions will take place on Saturdays for 2 hours. Tick which 2 hour block is good for you. (Please tick)
Sessions will take place at the St Albans Community Centre and Bowery Theatre. Do you need help getting to or from the sessions? If a bus was available from the following locations, which one would suit you? (Please tick)
Other Stuff
In case of another lockdown in the future due to Covid, do you have access to the internet so you can join online sessions? (Please tick)
WEBPAGE - What would you like to see? Please tick as many as you would like

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