Get ready for the all new youth-led LGBTQIA+ play!

Auditions for a new youth-led play are open to all young LGBTQIA+ people (and allies) between 12 - 25 years of age.

Ida the Hobit - The Play! is the story of Ida, a youngling who is on a fantastical journey to understanding LGBTQIA+ identities. In this whimsical play, Ida must help her animal pals - Orchid the Otter; Astrid the Artic Fox, and Sawyer the Scorpion (and more!) - on their journeys of self-discovery.

Important info:
We deeply value lived experience, and highly encourage those who identify as trans and/or gender diverse, First Nations, disabled, and/or culturally and linguistically diverse to audition.

will be held on Tuesday, 2nd July and Thursday, 4th July, between 12.30pm - 3pm in Brimbank. Auditions will go for 15 minutes, and we will provide you with a short scene from the script when you arrive. Please note, you will not have to memorise any lines!

You can find a brief overview of the characters here.

Rehearsals will be held weekly on Tuesday evenings from August - November 2024 in Brimbank.

The play will premiere on Friday, 15th November 2024, in celebration of Transgender Awareness Week.

Audition sign-ups and Production Role applications close 5pm, Friday, 28th June.

Please note, all roles on this production are voluntary, however we are committed to valuing your time as young people and creatives. Actors and production team members will only be called when they are needed. The lead character Ida, however, will be required for most (if not all) rehearsals.

Sign-up to audition:

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Brimbank refers to the suburbs: Sunshine, St Albans, Keilor, Taylors Lakes etc.

Which role/s are you auditioning for? *

You can learn more about each character here:

Please note that you can audition for multiple roles!

Have you done a performance before? What was it? Do you have any special performance skills - acrobatics, gymnastics, skating, singing, playing an instrument etc.? If you are applying for a musician role, please list the instruments you play.

This could mean things such as needing a MYKI to get to and from rehearsals and/or production meetings, time-outs or frequent breaks, fidget toys, information provided in written and/or audio format etc. You can check out the venue (The Bowery Theatre and St Albans Community Centre) physical access information here:

If you are applying for a musician role, you do not have to audition, however please upload a short example of you playing or singing (anything)!

Do you identify as Queer and/or LGBTQIA+ and/or Questioning? (This is completely confidential!) *
Availabilities *

This theatre production is produced in an exciting collaboration between local young people; the Crystal Queer program run through Brimbank Youth Services; the Brimbank Youth Arts program from Creative Brimbank; the Brimbank FReeZA Committee; and the Duke Street Community House.

This play is based off the Ida the Hobit and the Crystal Queer Deers podcast, produced by the Crystal Queer program and Duke Street Community House. Available on all streaming platforms now!

If you have any questions, please reach out to:
Ash (They/Them) from Brimbank Youth Arts via; or
Jacob (He/They) from Brimbank Youth Services via

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