Which artforms are you most interested in? Check out the creative programs for young people happening in the West! Under each program is a brief description about what it is, and who it is for.

All Artforms:
- Join the FReeZA Committee!
Event Planning and Delivery
- Got an idea for an event or program we haven't covered below? Let us know and we could help make your idea a reality! Please email ashleighm@brimbank.vic.gov.au & amiraa@brimbank.vic.gov.au to tell us about your creative project idea :)

- Resonate Youth Music Showcase: Ages 12-29

- Half Baked Open Mic Nights (usually March and September every year): Ages 12-29

- Ida the Hobbit (LGBTQIA+ theatre production): Ages 12-25
- Western Edge Ensembles: Ages 12-18

Our friends at Western Edge are your go-tos for all things theatre in the West!
- Bowery Theatre Residencies for Emerging Artists: Any age

- L2R programs

Our friends at L2R are your go-tos for all things theatre in the West!
- Voguing Workshops & Ballroom

Visual Arts:
- Afterschool Hangs: Ages 12-18 (Highschool age)
- Future Makers Program: Ages 12-18 (Highschool age)

- There are also opportunities to submit your art for publication in the zines listed below!

- GenZine
- The Bold Source zine

Photography and Film:
- We are always looking for young photographers & videographers to document our events and workshops! If you would like to do this, please email ashleighm@brimbank.vic.gov.au and they will let you know about upcoming opportunities for *paid* work!

Celebrating Culture:
- Koorie Homework Club

- Cultural cook-ups

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