Half-Baked Open Mic feat. GenZine | Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival

Are you 12-25 years old? Do you have some half-baked ideas floating around in your head? A half-written song? How about a half-written chapter of your new utopian novel? Whatever your half-baked idea is, our open mic is your opportunity to perform in a low-stakes writer's showcase at STACC!

Proudly presented by Brimbank Youth Arts and Brimbank FReeZA, in partnership with GenZine.

All performers will receive a $20 UberEats voucher

Date: Friday, 17th March

Time: Performers arrive at 5:30pm
Event runs from 6pm-8pm

Venue: The fancy Bowery Theatre! (downstairs) at St Albans Community Centre
33 Princess Street, St Albans VIC 3021

Catering: Baked goods!

Cost: FREE

Invite your friends and family: https://www.trybooking.com/eve...

Sign up to perform here:

This information is helpful so the MC can introduce you

Sexual content, themes addressing violence, racism, sexism etc. (This is helpful so people can choose leave the room if they need to) Please also mindful that we have high-school aged students attending, so please try to keep your content family friendly!

  1. How many microphones will you need? How many microphone stands?
  2. Do you need to borrow any of our instruments or tech? (We have an acoustic guitar with plug-in, a ukulele with plug-in & an amp)
  3. Do you want to use the projector? (If yes, please upload your files below)
  4. Do you have any backing tracks? (If yes, please upload your files below)

Any dietary requirements? *

(This is so you can eat the yummy baked goods!)

How did you find out about this event? *

As mentioned above, please be mindful that there will be high-school aged students at this event, so please no explicit sexual content, racist/queerphobic/ablest slurs etc. If commenting on these themes is important for your act (you have lived experience and want to speak openly about these topics for instance), please let us know so we can add any content warnings.

This event is presented as part of the Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival 2023 - be sure to check out the other creative events of the fest!

FReeZA is a Victorian Government initiative that supports young Victorians to get involved in their community by planning and running drug, smoke and alcohol-free music and cultural events for other young people.

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