Alfrieda Town Centre Mural

Artist: Buff Diss
Year: 2020
Location: Alfrieda Street Town Centre, St Albans

World renowned street artist Buff Diss has created a colourful, geometric mural in response to movement and place on the electrical substation in St Albans. This work complements the recent revitalisation of the popular Alfrieda St town centre which has seen the old bus interchange converted into a vibrant and welcoming space for the community.

About Buff Diss

Buff Diss began as an artist in the late nineties, with works first appearing on the streets and walls of Melbourne, before emerging in Tokyo, New York, Berlin and beyond. He is known globally for his pioneering use of tape as a medium and his distinctive line-based aesthetic. Buff continues to develop his approaches as he reinterprets spaces and models artefacts with originality and reference to the environment in which it resides.

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