Bifurcation 1edited

Artist: Damian Vick
Year: 2021

Location: Isabella Williams Memorial Reserve, Deer Park

Bifurcation refers to the process of dividing something into two branches or parts and arguably one of its most elegant examples of this is the antlers of a deer. Whilst this concept references the history of the area (and its name), it also leads back to the heart of the matter which is the personal growth stories of each individual and the choices that lead to success.

About Damian Vick

Damian Vick is a Melbourne based artist, working predominantly in sculpture and installations. Emerging from a background in design, his desire to engage in a more expressive and physical medium intersected with his natural affinity for metals and he began to focus his energy toward the design and execution of steel sculpture in 2008.

In the following years Damian explored the nature of his chosen medium and the possibilities it presented. As his knowledge and experience grew, so did the ambitious nature of his creations, and after winning a number of sculpture competitions he was afforded opportunities to develop large scale artworks, a format he felt naturally drawn to. In subsequent years Damian has been able to demonstrate the culmination of his skill and experience having been awarded large scale sculpture commissions for a PGA Development (Guild Apartments at the Arts precinct, South Melbourne), The City of Casey, The City of Whittlesea, Yarra Valley Grammar, and The Shire of Forbes.

This collection of large format, public works are highly diverse in terms of their purpose, message, context and subject matter and testify to Damian’s ability to imbibe a deep understanding of the client’s needs, and communicate the essence of these ideas whilst imbuing the artwork with his own artistic standards of perfection.

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