Community Mural at Deer Park Library

Artist: Katherine Gailer (also known as Katira)
Year: 2021
Location: Deer Park Library, 4 Neale Rd, Deer Park

A collaborative mural created by artist Katherine Gailer (also known as KATIRA) and students from Victoria University Secondary College. Following the loss of fellow student Solomone Taufeulungaki, young people’s sense of belonging to this site had been fractured. By co-creating the mural, young people were given an opportunity to reclaim the space through creativity, have a positive impact on their community and deliver a public artwork that invites other young people to reconnect with the library and their locality. Katherine facilitated a series of creative workshops with a group of students that allowed participants to explore their individual voice and ideas, followed by sharing exercises where participants negotiate their ideas to find a collective voice. By the end of the workshop they had one statement and a clear vision of the visual narrative of the mural. Taking into account all the symbols and concepts identified through the workshops, the artist developed a concept design for the mural that was painted together with the students. Students Final Statement: ‘We want to decrease the distance and bring back the spread of positivity. A painting to reunite our community, and encourage to continue to grow as a family that welcomes different cultures. Creating togetherness by inviting light and hope. And ultimately, inspiring the public to get lost in their imagination by reading book.’- Collective voice from students. Student names - Thu Nguyen, Talia Huynh, Kamila Nasyrebova, Rebecca Mastaky, Bilal Qalib.

About Katherine Gailer

Katherine Gailer is a committed multidisciplinary artist. She graduated with honours from a Bachelor of Fine Arts and completed an Arts Management Masters Degree – both at RMIT University. Her Practice incorporates oil painting, murals, illustration and music.

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