Eyes Across Brimbank Mural

Artist : Mike Maka (aka Makatron)
Year: 2021
Location: 185 Kings Rd Delahey 3037

The mural envisages a series of large-scale eyes looking out across the industrial planes and grasslands of outer Brimbank. The mural concept was the product of a community engagement process whereby residents of Brimbank Council were invited to provide the artist a close-up shot of their eyes, in order to compile images of people of all ages, genders and skin tone. The photographs were then manipulated digitally in order to produce a design incorporating eyes rendered in different styles, colours, etc. Although none of the participants are identified in the artwork, it is intended that they may be able to recognise themselves, thus reinforcing the community participation and ownership in the artwork.

About Mike Maka

Mike Maka, AKA Makatron, has had a full-time art practice for over 13 years, working primarily as a muralist. Mike also has a strong studio presence, producing canvas and sculpture pieces. His artwork captures a world in which the natural forces fight back against humanity, reclaiming the earth from the uncaring advance of civilisation.


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