Flourish Story of A Diaspora

Artist: Katherine Gailer
Year: 2020
Location: Stark Place, Sunshine

An homage to the local Australian African community, and recognising their contribution to the Brimbank community, the mural features the strong gaze of an African Australian woman. The mural features birds and butterflies as a symbol of transformation, migration and connection to our community and natural environment.

The mural was created by award-winning multi-disciplinary artist Katherine Gailer. Gailer worked with the western suburbs African women’s group Kontiki Cultural Women Empowerment to ensure the mural was culturally appropriate, and approved by the local Australian African community. The artwork was nominated for The Global Art Awards 2020, the international awards for the Visual Arts.

About Katherine Gailer
Katherine Gailer is a committed multidisciplinary artist. She graduated with honours from a Bachelor of Fine Arts and completed an Arts Management Masters Degree– both at RMIT University. Her Practice incorporates oil painting, murals, illustration and music.


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