Baby Guerilla Hunt Club Entrance

Artist: Baby Guerrilla
Year: 2021
Location: Hunt Club and Community and Arts Centre, 775 Ballarat Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023

A celebration of art adorns this building dedicated to the arts, the work of local artist Baby Guerrilla.

This mural depicts young people, almost floating, leaning on each other in their spaces and expressing their joy of creativity. And the joy of creativity is something the artist is familiar with. Baby Guerrilla is a Brimbank local through and through – having been raised in Sunshine and Braybrook, and still residing here.

Hunt Club is one of the few remaining 19th Century buildings within our municipality.

This project was funded by Brimbank City Council through the Working for Victoria LANDMarks project and the Arts & Culture Unit and supported by the Neighbourhood House and Community Centre programs.

About Baby Guerrilla

Baby Guerrilla is an Australian artist interested in approaching space and perspective in new and innovative ways that engage beyond the parameters of a gallery or traditional art space. She is best known for large-scale public murals of human figures. Her work is intended to appear to defy gravity and constraint and to evoke a sense of wonder, awe, magic and mystery.

The artist graduated from the Victorian College of The Arts in 2002. During her Degree she won several art prizes and after graduating, won The Leader Art Prize in the Toorak Village Festival of Sculpture. Her work was commended as a favourite by ACCA as part of the HP Drawing Exhibition. Baby Guerrillas' work was on display at the Art Gallery of NSW in 2011 for a three month period after being shortlisted for the Sir John Sulman Art Prize and exhibited as part of the 2011 State of Design Festival.

Baby Guerrilla has completed commissions on walls throughout Australia including FORM international Art Festival in Perth, Victoria College of the Arts Secondary School, Victoria University, Telstra, Big West Festival, The Salvation Army, Substation in Newport, Carmen's Muesli Bars, LUMA (Latrobe University of Modern Art), Eastland, Incinerator Gallery, The 2018 Commonwealth Games in Townsville, Victoria Police, Swisse, Richmond Library, Geelong Council, Yarra Council, Richmond Library, Bendigo Council and many more.

Growing up in Sunshine and Braybrook, and still a resident, Baby Guerrilla has for many years, celebrated locals who in large and small ways, have made history.

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