Knowledge and Wisdom

Artist: Aunty Jeanie Mason
Year: 2023
Location: Sunshine Library, Level 1, 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine

Bakandji artist and respected Brimbank community Elder, Aunty Jeanie Mason, has created a mural for local children in the Sunshine Library. The artwork depicts animals and children gathered around a large central figure and conveys the importance of stories passed down from older generations to the young. Aunty Jeanie’s mother taught her where to find food and medicine from the land, to be careful around the river and never to dive into a waterhole. Aunty Jeanie Mason is originally from Wilcannia along the Baaka (Darling) River in Western New South Wales and has lived in the western suburbs of Naarm (Melbourne) for the past three decades. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Community Service with Honours.

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