Mural from regiona rail link project 2

Artist: Robert Jackson
Year: 2014
Location: Anderson Road underpass, Sunshine

The mural has been designed to reflect the features of the local area. Local artists with knowledge of Sunshine and its history were selected to work with people in the area to create a design that illustrates how they view their community and their place in it. Input into the artwork was sought through community meetings attended by interested Albion residents, Friends of HV McKay Memorial Gardens and the Sunshine and District Historical Society. The artist also met with young leaders in the area who gathered the thoughts and opinions of their peers in relation to potential subject material.

Regional Rail Link’s Community Identity Program was developed to create artistic and visually engaging areas which reflect the uniqueness of the community and create a sense of local ownership and pride.

About Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson is a multi-skilled artist and musician. He has been active since the early 1980s. He lives in Albion and is a contributing member of the community. As a visual artist his main inspiration is the Victorian volcanic plains landscape with its sense of space, forgotten and remnant areas, encroaching suburbs and industry. As a professional artist he has produced many artworks for public and private clients, including councils, government agencies, festivals and businesses. He has had several solo exhibitions and has produced many murals.

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