IMAGE FINISHED ARTWORK Spiral Graph Seat Photo taken by N Vance at Launch 21 Nov 2012

Artist: Martin Moore
Year: 2012
Location: 2A Lennon Pkwy, Derrimut (Adjacent to the Derrimut Community Centre)

The concept behind Spiral Graph seat draws from by the nearby Community Hub. Inspired by the circular way in which people congregate Martin has created a round seating structure held inside a series of tight curving lines. The circular nature of the seating is designed to offer an opportunity for the spark of a conversation – between friends and strangers alike.

Martin Moore is a Melbourne based sculptor. Arguably, he is best known for his life like sculptures of oversized animals. His work Snail Play won the people’s Choice award at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show and his large black and yellow Corroboree frogs at the Melbourne Zoo are a hit with adults and Children alike.

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