Wall St Mural 2 of 3

Artist: Group of Brimbank Youth lead by artists Tadros Hanna and Sebastian Fransz
Year: 2020
Location: Watt Street, Sunshine

Sunshine’s urban environment is home to some vibrant street and public art – and the newest addition has been led by local artists and Brimbank young people.

The colourful design spans the entire wall and represents Brimbank’s diverse and harmonious community.

By including the names of the artists and young people who worked on it, the mural also helps to create a sense of ownership and pride of place for Brimbank Youth while improving amenity in the local area and helping to reduce tagging.

About Sebastian Fransz
Sebastian works as a drawer and painter. A graduate of RMIT University’s Fine Art degree, and member of Melbourne’s Blender Studios from early 2012 to early 2017, he carries on a practice of abstraction, where process and change are the forces which dictate the outcome of each work, and where perception, memory and meaning are primary concerns. Alongside his studio works, Sebastian also paints large murals and works as a community art facilitator, often with young people on graffiti and street art public projects. He has been producing public art for over ten years with different councils and organisations throughout Victoria.


About Tadros Hanna
Tadros Hanna studied fine arts in Cairo and worked as an architect and interior designer for 20 years in Egypt. Tadros moved to Australia in 2015 with his children Carla and Youssef. His painting combines iconography that evokes the rich and complex mythologies and spiritual traditions of his heritage. Tadros’s recent work explores themes of hope and life, and the power of creativity in affirming life, love and connection between people. As Tadros says “Life is hope, and hope is life.” Art is the best way in which to explore and express the dreams we all share.


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