Katherine Gailer WSCC MURAL

Artist: Katherine Gailer (also known as Katira)
Year: 2020
Location: Sunshine West Community Centre, 25 Kermeen St, Sunshine West

Weaving Roots is a project lead by mural artist Katherine Gailer AKA Katira as part of ‘Land MARKS’; a Working for Victoria program and Brimbank City Council Artist in Residence.

Katherine’s work explores cultural identity, women empowerment and our connection to our natural environment. ‘As we carry our ancestors roots, and find ourselves nurturing from different places, we inhabit a magical world where diversity is beauty and our stories are gold. My vision is to honour this magic through the portrayal of culturally diverse women - representing Brimbank’s vibrant communities. Women who share their culture, and create a new weaving of their identities in this special area of Melbourne.’- Katira.

The project aims to deliver a series of murals unfolding visual narratives honouring female empowerment and their stories of connection to the place they inhabit.

In April 2020, Katherine developed a mural in Sunshine paying homage to the local Australian African community and recognising their contribution to the Brimbank community. ‘Weaving Roots’, is a continuation of this project aiming to capture the unique combination of traditions, cultures and contemporary identities in Multicultural Australia.

About Katherine Gailer

Katherine Gailer is a committed multidisciplinary artist. She graduated with honours from a Bachelor of Fine Arts and completed an Arts Management Masters Degree – both at RMIT University. Her Practice incorporates oil painting, murals, illustration and music.


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