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Artist: Lukas Kasper in collaboration with Brimbank Youth
Year: 2023
Location: Westvale Community Centre, 45 Kings Road, Kings Park

Neighbourhood Houses and Arts & Culture collaborated to deliver the Westvale Mural Project at the Westvale Community Centre. Local artist Lukas Kasper and 7 young people came together to brainstorm ideas that infuses their individuality and the flora and fauna of the large green space that surrounds the Centre, the Indigenous plants, the bees that have found home at Westvale and our everyday visitor of the little wattle bird and galah’s.

The finish piece is a playful yet elegant artwork that encompasses the diversity of Westvale Community Centre and aides as a perfect middle ground to offer our diverse community a chance to embrace the Centre as their own.

Lead Artist Bio

Brimbank studio artist Lukas Kasper’s art practices includes painting in all forms and specialising in murals and creating artworks out of recycled/carved skateboards. His interest in creating art began around 2009 in Queensland Australia through the influences of street art, graffiti and skateboarding.

The motive behind his work has matured over time focusing primarily on mental health, animals and environment. Lukas uses a series of painting techniques and distinct visuals to morph these worlds together through a unique display of monster imagery, colour usage, native flora and fauna and flowing line work. Lukas has exhibited, painted murals, completed artist residencies & hosted exhibitions throughout: Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Bali, Phuket, Vancouver, Seattle, LA, and Alaska.


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