Published on Wednesday 7 December 2022

Creative Brimbank Market Research 2022 Report

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In 2022 Creative Brimbank undertook a research project with Studio Binocular to better understand the familiarity and reach of the Creative Brimbank brand, the role it plays in the community, and the programming possibilities it could explore.

The project goals included a focus on the Bowery Theatre as a key venue in the Creative Brimbank portfolio.

Some key findings included:

  • Creative Brimbank has good and regular support from people who are aware of and engage with its activities. However there are opportunities to raise brand awareness and clearly link it to “What’s on in the arts in Brimbank”.
  • Local, community-centred offerings are really desirable and communicating convenience and access is key. Many people in Brimbank and surrounding areas are not choosing between going to a headline event in the CBD over a local show or exhibition.
  • Feeling safe is a significant factor in the choices people make about the locations, venues, events and activities they attend or participate in whether in Brimbank or other areas. It is important for Creative Brimbank to provide all the relevant information to people – to help them feel safe and make an informed decision.
  • There is strong interest and support for music, theatre, film, family-oriented activities and outdoor festivals.
  • Pricing may be a determining factor in event attendance however there are multiple other emotional and rational factors that influence people’s purchase decisions.
  • The data shows that online communications such as social media (Instagram or Facebook posts and digital advertising) and e-newsletters are generally a significant source of information about arts, cultural and entertainment activities. The data shows that event/activity communication that highlights key information and is easy to read and understand is readily shared with family and friends. Consistent naming, and clear descriptions of what the activity is key.

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