Published on Monday 27 April 2020

Virtual Gallery Exhibition, a Council first

Amrita Sur Hero Image

Take a guided tour of Brimbank Council’s first ever virtual gallery and visit ‘The Politics of My Body’ photography exhibition by artist Amrita Sur, available online now.

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The exhibition explores Amrita’s way of questioning acquiescence and conformity, and how it provokes a dire need for a shift in thinking in order to transcend a woman’s worth beyond her body.

Amrita says she has felt like a spectator of her own life for a very long time, and has complied with rituals, customs, impositions, the do’s and don’ts without questioning or being allowed to question, or knowing any other way, feeling like a product of societal norms.

Patriarchal and colonial histories mean that every facet of a woman’s body and life can be imprisoned by having to appear and behave in a certain way. To understand the depths of the patriarchal mindset and its destructive impacts on the body and mind, Amrita engages in performative gestures in her work.

The exhibition originally opened in March at the St Albans Community Centre (STACC), but the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily closed its doors and Council’s Arts and Culture team created another way to bring the exhibition to the community, where you can view and interact with this body of work.

‘The Politics of My Body’ exhibition is available using a virtual gallery at: and is online until Sunday 17 May 2020.

The exhibition is best viewed on a Smartphone using Artsteps App available through Apple Store and Google Play.

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