We present the 2020-21 Be Bold Performance Residency artists:

  • Aseel Tayah – a vocalist, art producer, installation artist and activist
  • Fipe Preuss and Irihipeti Waretini – are creative producers, storytellers and theatre makers
  • Dan Wei – a multidisciplinary new media artist and educator
  • Chi Nguyen – a stage and screen actor, and playwright

The Be Bold Performance Residency program enables artists and arts organisations to make and present work with and for the Brimbank community. Discover new and innovative projects in performing arts, theatre, movement and film. Four diverse women lead this selection of artists with bold works designed to create connection and inspire people through performing arts.

As part of the residency program, the selected artists will have a safe presentation space and will be provided with financial, professional and creative development and in kind support.


Dan wei tadpoles

Dan Wei

Multidisciplinary new media artist and educator

Tadpoles Looking for Mama 小蝌蚪找妈妈 is a live performance by artist Dan Wei, weaving together a whimsical Chinese animation and the retelling of Dan's own personal story of childhood loss.

Image by Shane Delonix

Artist Website
Aseel Headshot by Justyn Koh

Aseel Tayah

Vocalist, art producer, installation artist and activist

Inspired by Arabic and First Nations lullabies, Aseel will host Lullabies Under the Stars - a beautiful, participatory live-art activity for children aged 6 months to 6 year olds and their grown-ups.

Image by Justyn Koh

Artist Website
Fipe Preuss

Fipe Preuss and Irihipeti Waretini

Creative producers, storytellers and healers

IPUTI is a weaving of contemporary and classical performance art with traditional Pacific/Māori storytelling. Community care with the simplicity of sharing a cup of tea.

Image by Irihipeti Waretini

Artist Website
Chi Nguyens headshot photographed by Amelia J Dowd

Chi Nguyen

Stage and screen actor, and playwright

Miss Saigon-Wrong is a new musical comedy by Chi Nguyen set in modern Australia about a couple’s messy break up in the middle of their de facto visa application.

Image by Amelia J Dowd

Artist Website

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