Mcdonald lane mosaic all 1

Artist: Sankar Nadeson
Year: 2018
Location: McDonald Lane, Sunshine

Tucked away in Sunshine, just a short walk from the main shopping strip and the Sunshine Railway Station, is a moving war memorial commemorating the Anzacs, and how war and peace affect people of diverse cultural backgrounds. The mural explores the diversity of Anzacs that enlisted during

WW1 within the Imperial forces and the current multicultural nature of the contemporary ADF. This project was delivered in partnership with Brimbank council, Sunshine RSL and Sunshine Business Association.

About Sankar

Sankar Nadeson, an internationally-active artist with studios in Melbourne and London, blends creativity, technology, empathy, and impact into a multidisciplinary practice.

With an interest in ritual and ceremony in personal and civic space, he engages with a wide range of stakeholders in order to transform problems into strategic solutions. Sankar’s innovative creativity is generative and empowering for community, place, and individuals.

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