Lane Change

Artist: Office Feuerman
Year: 2022
Location: Brimbank Aquatic Centre, Keilor Downs

Lane Change is an interactive and immersive object which invites users to stop, discover, and stay for a while. The work emerges from the entry of the Brimbank Aquatic Centre, standing tall as a new landmark for the community.

Lane Change links the themes of water and energy with the pool lane divider, a universal symbol of aquatic centres. The work expands this object into an inhabitable environment, reproducing the experience of being immersed in water.

A series of reflective rings are rotated and stacked to capture, mirror and reflect light. The unique material properties and geometry, creates a myriad of effects including playful light patterns projected on the surrounds. As the sun rises and sets, Lane Change produces dancing light formations of ripples and waves. The work reproduces a moment in time, an experiential immersion in water, but on land.

About Office Feuerman

Office Feuerman (OF) OF designs new forms of public art that create opportunities for social connection through shared visual, aural, tactile, and spatial experiences. By visually articulating natural invisible forces, their work encourages curiosity; creating links between what is seen by the eye and experienced by the senses. Fundamental to OF is the exploration of how to enhance a city’s appeal by providing visually and spatially delightful experiences that revitalise, activate, and stimulate public space. By bringing awareness to the space around us and minimising distractions OF focuses our attention to the nearby environment and our interaction with it.

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