Reflexio Qualis Opening 2015 Col Henry images2

Artist: Col Henry
Year: 2015
Cnr Hampshire Road & Devonshire Road, Sunshine Bus Interchange and City Place,Sunshine

This artwork by Col Henry entitled Reflexio Qualis is located across three sites in central Sunshine. The sculptures at each site are comprised of a starlike base that supports large tendril-like uprights from each tip of the star. On top of each tendril is a mirror polished dome. The mirror polished finish of the stainless steel elements literally reflect the diverse community of Sunshine. The curved and the mirror polished stainless steel literally reflects distorts and warps the reflections.

About Col Henry

Born in 1947 in Gosford, NSW, Col Henry brings a wealth of life experience to his art. With qualifications in welding, industrial foundry, panel beating, and industrial management, he transitioned from industry to become a full-time sculptor in 1995 after 23 years as a TAFE educator. Col has taught art and sculpture for over 25 years and was the Director of Sculpture on the Green. His work is featured in private collections worldwide and has earned numerous awards, including the Perisher Blue Sculpture Prize and multiple Swell Sculpture Festival prizes.

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