Artist: Andrea Tomaselli and Dianne Beevers
Year: 2011
Location: 329 Main Rd E, St Albans

Seeds of Hope and Dreams extends across four separate sites in central St Albans. The centrepiece of this multi-locational work is the large Yam Daisy at the intersection of Alfrieda Street and Main Road East in St Albans. The Yam Daisy is a symbol of hope and dreams. Much like a dandelion, children blow on its wispy seed head to make a wish. The diaphanous spores float off to seek out the dreams of the wish maker. In this way the Yam Daisy is a migratory plant spread on the wind and through human intervention. It can be read as a symbol of migration as its seeds are wisped and drawn in the current of passing breezes. To eventually find sanctuary in new soil where it can cast down roots and flourish.

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