Applications are now closed and will reopen in February 2024.

What are the Bowery Theatre Residencies?

A Bowery Theatre Residency provides a professional development, creative development and performance space for artists to make and present new work in the Bowery Theatre and at St Albans Community Centre (STACC) with and for the Brimbank community.

A Bowery Theatre Residency supports:

  • Artistic merit in the presentation of bold, creative concepts and ideas;
  • Meaningful community engagement;
  • Process-driven arts practice and risk taking in making new, contemporary performance work;
  • Work with potential for future presentations;
  • Artistic and professional development for artists;
  • Development of new, local audiences; and
  • Work that is reflective of the cultural identity of Brimbank.

Two Residency Categories

In 2023-24, we have two residency categories:

1. Mid-career or Established Performing Artist/s
2. Emerging Artist/s (usually considered within the first five years of their arts practice or establishment)

What’s on offer?

Cash Contribution:

For the Mid-career or Established Artists up to $12,000 cash contribution will be awarded per residency.

For the Emerging Artist category, up to $4,000 cash contribution will be awarded per residency.

This is to cover artists’ fees, trainer/mentor fees, production costs, marketing and administration costs (no more than 10% of the cash contribution for administration).

Other support:

In addition, the following support will be available to successful applicants, with agreement of the Theatre Programming Senior Officer:

  • Co-presentation of the residency’s performance outcome
  • 50/50 box office split on ticketed presentations
  • Up to $5,500 in kind technical and front of house staff support (see example budget breakdown)
  • Up to six (6) full days (7 hours) access to the Bowery Theatre – days must be as close to consecutive as possible, and include:
    - Up to two (2) full days (7 hours) access to the Bowery Theatre for performance
    - Up to four (4) full days (up to 7 hours) access to the Bowery Theatre for rehearsal / bump in and out
  • Up to 80 hours in STACC community spaces – these are subject to availability with larger flexi spaces only available on weekends and mid-week after 5pm
  • Bowery tech staff / producer / marketing support for limited design consultation, producing and planning
  • Print and online marketing commensurate with Bowery mainstage programming

Who is eligible to apply?

To apply for funding you must:

  • Be incorporated OR be an individual artist with an ABN OR have an Auspice
  • Have Public Liability Insurance cover for the duration of the project
  • Have acquitted or be compliant with all grants previously awarded by Council (if applicable)
  • Have a NEW project or NEW stage of a project
  • Have a performance-based project with a performance outcome in The Bowery Theatre (and if in the hybrid category, an outcome in the gallery as well)
  • Have a project that commences after 1 October 2023 and is completed by 30 June 2024

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